Pallet Liners

Also known as:
  • Slip Sheet
  • Skid Sheet
  • Anti-Slip Pad
  • Corrugated Pad
  • Chipboard Pad
  • Linerboard
  • Cardboard Tray

Pallet liners are a cost effective way to protect your product, and are easily stored as they consume minimal space. Pallet liners prevent products from falling through the slats of a pallet to avoid fork lift damage. They help protect your product against insects, rodents, nails, splinters, debris, and moisture. They can also offer anti-slip and anti-tip properties.

There are a wide range of pallet liner sizes and properties available, from light duty to heavy duty. Common stock sizes are 40x48", 42x42", 44x44", 42x48", and 48x48". Please contact us for more details.

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