Bulk Pallets

Also known as:
  • Heat Treated Pallets
  • Shipping Pallets
  • Export Pallets
  • Stringer Pallet
  • Block Pallet
  • Skid
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Pallets provide a stable and solid platform for assembling, storing, handling, and transporting materials and products, significantly minimizing the risk of damage during transit. At Jakeco, we offer bulk pallets in multiple forms, including heat-treated pallets and wooden pallets. Our heat treated and stamped shipping pallets can be used for and meet international export requirements. All of our bulk pallets are highly customizable and durable, further allowing you to cater to your shipping needs. We can customize pallet sizes, top and bottom board numbers, and prints. Call us today to get your custom pallet right. Construction options are available such as 2-way approachable, 4-way approachable, board thickness, stringer pallet, block pallet, weight rating, heavy duty, heat treated, and more.

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Types of Pallets

1. Stringer Pallets
Stringer pallets are made using a frame of three or more parallel pieces of timber (called "stringers"). They're a common choice for general use due to their simplicity and versatility. Stringer pallets can be made with both notched and unnotched stringers, providing varying degrees of forklift access.

2. Block Pallets
Block pallets utilize blocks of solid wood, plywood, or plastic for their supporting base. Their design allows for greater handling efficiency, with access from all four sides, which facilitates transport and storage.

3. Double-Face Pallets
Double-face pallets have both a top and bottom deck, which adds to their strength and durability. They can be either reversible (both sides are identical and can carry loads) or non-reversible (only one side can carry loads).

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